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Divisional coordinating commetee was held on 08th november 2016 at divisional secretariat office

Historical Attraction

Historical Importance In Warakapola Division


Dadigama is the main historical place in the Warakapola division. It  is a famous as a Birth land of King 1st Parakkramabahu. Huge statue was built by covering birth place of King. Length of this statue was 120 cubit. & diameter was 804 feet. Square ft of top of the statue was 26000. Museum in Dadigama was constructed in 1952 to deposit antique which was found out from Sueethigara chathiya . This museum is being developed as a place which is exhibited historical antique in Kegalle.

Lenagala Rajamahaviharaya.

This land was belong to pre historical  era  According to rock inscription History of this was belong to king of Devanampiyatissa .Work of art , craft & statue of aspirant to lord of Meithei Buddha had historical importance. This renovation was done by King of Walagamba. Very significant stones & rocks can be seen in  two lenvihara

Mampitiya Rajamaha Viharaya


This temple was constructed in  natural location. &existing as cave monastery. Architecture of ancient Sri lanka & stones carving can be seen here . Cash usage of ancient Sri lanka was revealed through Historical places. Detail of Ancient art & craft can be found out from rock inscription.

Manikkadawara Tampita Viharaya.

This village  had  historical importance since Portuguese era due to it was used as  path for entering to hill country Ruins can be seen in this region as a place of built the fortress by Army of Portuguese. It was proved that the Portuguese symbol installed in the Manikkadawara ancient temple. Temple of Tampita was built in Kottee era. Art of Portuguese soldiers can be seen with the Art of temple . It is clearly shown that foreign influence and multicultural aspect.


Manikkadawara Portuguese fortress


This fortress was constructed during the era of Jaranimodha Asawaduge. Manikadawara is a centre which is controlled Portuguese patrol. This fortress is famous for operational unit is used for war against king of 1st Vimaladarmasooriya.


Historical  Dorawaka


Since Factors of pre historical era w as found out from this region, there were witness on human living places. One’s found out Dorawaka & revealed information on Neolithic period. had proved that Human lived in this era had shown features on modern civilization   according to folklore,Dorawaka is used as stortage in the era of King “V” Parakramabahu. & Tusker of king Walagambahu was tied in this lena . Atalahagodalla is a historical place in Dorawaka. This name is used due to having paddy field with Atalaha & hidden treasure of gem, Perl.


Baligala Rajamaha Viharaya

Baligala mountain name as  Billa sala  pabbatha in Chula wamsa as well as name as 12 country in mayarata. According to Rajavaliya ,tooth was taken from mountain of billa to Samurdhipura by king of Parakramabahu. Baligala mountain was selected to deposit the tooth by king III Vijayabhu who ruled in  Dabadeniya.A temple of tooth (with three floor )was built on the mountain of Baligala , priest accommodation ,reservoirs &  essential building were constructed by King of Vijayabhu.



Boorunnawa Tampita Viharaya


This temple was constructed on stone rocks which were 4 feet under the ground. There is a Makara portico which were constructed on wood . The art of work &carving on the wall & ceiling are belong to Mahanuwara era.

Salgala Monastery

This place is important since it was belong to  king of walagambahu. According to genealogy, the king of walagambahu.escape to Rohanadhashaya from Malayarata due to threat of south Indians. He hide from various places in the country. King came in to Salgala in the sake of security.  According to the evidence that there were plenty of caves. This is a historical place which is being used for human activity since having plenty of monastery & pre Barman letters from era of A.D.


Hunuwala Rajamaha Viharaya

This temple was established with centralizing rock caves since A.D. Rock inscription of Brahman & stone cave Lenviharaya were the witness which proved the historical importance .There were evidence that priest lived in this & region is used by human..

Lendaramulla Rajamahaviharaya.

History of this was belong  to era of King Gotabaya.  Length of Cave of this temple was 21 feet & width was 11 feet. This place is popular on having very attractive art, It mean tie of Panchanaree, flower designing on roof. Rock inscription were special feature in this Temple.


Abepussha statue & the temple of Paththini god.


Cave monastery of Abepussha consisting with  complex of  monastery which were designed in  large metal cistern. features of cave monatery belonged  to pre Braman era.Braman rock inscription can be seen in the largest cave complexion & another cave is used as the temple of Paththini god. Premises of divisional secretariat is the victory land which were having scientific & historical importance as well as land was highly got attention by various king .

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Monthly Progress

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