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To be the excellent government institution that helps the life styles of the community in a beneficial way to the society

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To provide a service in line with the government policies, uplift the lifestyles of the society through a planned, efficient development process consisting of proper co- ordination of resources and participation of the people


Warakapolla Divisional secretariat can be name as the place located in the Kegalle district in Sabaragamuva province where keeravally Paththuawa in the Bellygall Koralle.

In this divisional secretariat is most popular & having historical value due to being location of several historical places & temples. Historical operations had confirmed that ancient human who had lived in Daravaka Lenna was old over 3400 yrs.

Threat of Portuguese invasion in Sri Lanka was highly affected for the ManikkadawaraIt was highly certified that there was Portuguese fortress in the land of “Palliyawatha”                                                                                                                                                 as well as there was a road which was led to up country through road of Manikkadawara.  Still Dadigama secretariat remained with some of universal creations. Ex. Dagigama  Kotaveralla (A.D 4 )  , Dadigama elephant oil lamp  ,  moons stone  which was belong to Dabadeniya era as well as this is  having special features which  can’t be  found  out  From  any other places in kegalle  district .

This secretariat is the land which is having historical value according to the ancient statement. According to public opinion, there was a “Ayestapala Bodhi shaka” in the building of “Doravaka Atahalena”. It was proved that through “Thisara Sandeshaya “. As well as Temple of Belligala was built on commemorate the queen of King Vijayaba “Soma Deeviya “who ruled in Pollennaruwa era. It was proved through “  Modern great geneology  (page 232 ) , “  Poojavaliya  “ ( page 741 , 742 ) ,” Abinawa Maha  Vanshaya “. The Temple of Tooth was constructed in Baligala with depositing tooth relic which was mainly constructed to escape from threat of enemies by King of Vijayaba ( 3rd ).

Traditional dancing methods are inherited for this era. Expert dancers & musicians are living in this region, those who have ability to protect the ceremonials dancers & various types of dancing method.


Detail study had proved that there was a regional area with settlement for long period as Warakapola Divisional secretariat .This region was being a settlement since pre historic era which was identified through the historical study which was closely conducted through the “Dorawaka lena”. This region was belong to the land of  Singhalese of three countries in hill country  according to the pre historical sources .According to the witness of great geneology , this region was named as “Punkagama”  by getting dominant of Dadigama during the era of Anuradhapura ,Pollennaruwa , Dabadiniya , Kurunagala , Gampolla ,Kottee , Kandy.

In Mahanuwara era, Bellygal Koralle which was belonging to Sathara Koralle in last rulings period of Sinhala government was become a ruling region of present administrative secretariat. This region (1815) was in the main routine which was connected to hill country & Kottee during the ruling period of English Government. As a result when constructed the Kandy, Colombo main road, Engineers   planned to get used of this land. This area became a importance in various sectors after completion on road of hill country in 1884. Ballygal Koralle was ruled by Chief Officer during the period of 1840 -1940.At last this post was held by lord in the Dadigama. Bellygal Koralle was belong to western province in the unit of English ruling during the period 1815 -1942. One’s established the Sabaragamuwa Province in 1889; this region was belonging to the Sabaragamuwa province in Kegalle District.

Election secretariat of Dadigama & Galigamuwa was separated in 1976. Currently ruling region of Dadigama election secretariat was announced through the special Gazette  as Divisional income officer secretariat .This region became a Divisional secretariat in Warakapolla under the act on 1992 No 58 with effect from 1993.01.01

Name  from  to
Mr. Wijithananda manikdiwela    
Mr. Ranaweera    
Mr. B.G.Kulaesna  1976  1992.12
Mr.Ranjith Wijethilaka  1993  1995.11.14
Mr.Sunil Premadasa  1995.12.01  1998.12.31
Mr.L.P.U.Liyanaarachchi  2001.03.30  2002.09.22
Mr.V.W.Danasena  2002.09.23  2004.06.07
Mr.G.G.A.Wimalasena  2004.11.08  2007.10.02
Mr.Prabath Udakara 2007.12.03 2016.05.02

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